$50 Robot and Upgrade Tutorial

The main purpose of this page is to guide you through the $50 robot in both design and programming. I am going to troubleshoot the problems that occured during construction, and give details on how to fix them. As well, there will be numerous reference' made towards the forum with problems that other SOR members occured as well.

More coming soon!

$50 robot basic


Parts: There should be no need at this point to change or upgrade the parts that ADMIN has set out to use in this $50 robot tutorial. There are, however, better stores to shop at online depending on where you live. I personaly live in Canada! :) Saying that, I noticed that shipping is a little more when you factor in the distance, duties ect, that may occur when buying out of your country. I am going to list a few websites that Should aid you in acquiring the necessary parts for this build.

Digikey -This site offers products in many countries and has fairly reasonable pricing all around.

Robotshop -This site is located in Canada and is a good spot to locate a Sharp Ir Rangefinder, as well as the HS311 servo. (note that you do not need the Sharp Ir Rangefinder for the initial build)

Mouser - This site carries a wide variety of everything you may need for you robot projects. Located in Texas. Have yet to use this site, but im assuming it ships world wide.

Jameco - Another great site to locate and source robotic parts. Also includes tools such as multimeters.

Sparkfun -Yet to be tested by me. Located in Oklahoma. Seems to be another great site to source parts.


*This is just a small list of available websites to get you on your feet.

*You can also check out ADMIN's list of parts as well by clicking here



Designing your robot can be a fairly time consuming task by itself. You need to take into account the size of your motors, servos, batteries, controle board, sensors, ect. I may suggest that you try to design your bot around your components, and not try to build your components around your robot. This will make your first few robots much easier to build. You should try to use light weight materials to help keep the total weight of your robot down. I suggest useing lexan or plexiglass. Both are very light and easy to work with. Although its beneficial to have a jigsaw or bandsaw to work with these materials efficiently.






AVRISPMKII unable to read signature.

Pony Prog communication port unavailable

Center Servo with ATMEGA168

LED not working

Programmed successful, but now your new code wont work?

Servo Speed control, how and why numbers have been used in the code!