S.Y.T.H Multi Level Robot

Here is another video that i have yet again forgotten to post! I am so sorry you guys, my life has be hectic ever since i moved and i had to reset my whole shop all up again that i didn't even have time to post this video that has been on youtube for a while now!


Again im sorry so here and enjoy!





As i am away from zac right now (No homo) He was working on the PS2 Controlled verson of S.Y.T.H Here is a video of what the bot looks like and moves with the PS2 controller.





So easy a dad can do it...


Vision test!





Closer look into S.Y.T.H's Vision!




UPDATED VISION! (05/07/09)


This was just made in about 5 mins if you all cant understand it i get it just message me on the forum or email me at [email protected] i will be updating it soon anyways.


Using Arduino Duemilenove


Vision Set-Up

The Parts!



Ping)) UltraSonic Range Finder

Server with 189 Degres


Adding Ping)) To Servo


Connection To the bredboared


Spliting the Servo wires


Connection to the Servo/Arduino


Conection to the Ardunio!



A full video of production will be made, if you want go ahead and ask me if you want some better pictures with more detail!








Here it is with thte base and 3 servos 2 modified!






Sensor View





Better View







The servo off the plastic is used for the Ping)) ultra sonic sensor




When the bot is all done we will be posting a video on how to mod the servos and build the bot all the way from adding motors and then to programming the Microcontroller




Hello! I know what you want! You want to create a sweet robot for some cheap money!


Well this is a OK Place for you to start manly because this robot is running me about $154.78.




Although the robot is going to be awesome! I beleave i will be finished in about 3 weeks but that is still not letting me give up on you, i will show you how to create the S.Y.T.H, what each part cost, so on so on.











And you should have all of the parts i will be buying in a week or so! Stay tuned i will be POSTING A VIDEO! On how to create this monster, Now you may still be wondering why it is called a Multi Level Robot... This is because you can use this robot for alot of things, i will be adding a robotic arm on the top layer.




Syth 3.0


That was my second time using Google SketchUp 7 Lol




Like i said before i will add more pictures, and so on to THIS page so book mark it!






Like i was saying before, this is a multi level robot because you can do alot of things with thtis robot, make it a line follower and or opject follower. make it a sumo robot or a BATTLE BOT!




A butler robot so on!




I will be making mine a follower and a wall avoiding robot. This robot is also easy to update in which i will be showing you how! I will also create the code so that our robot will have a brian DUH, I will be doing that when i get my parts together the reason of this is so that we can test our parts without placing them on the robot and crosssing our fingures and hope that it will work.




Get it now ^_^







Getting the wall avoiding built in to the mini version of S.Y.T.H This one will be useing the Arduino (or roboduino) and 3 servos that cost about 9$ each, we will be using the same base material as above.



Pictures will come this week!




The file below is the 3d version on the ungly picture i have posted above.

Syth 3.0.zip1.31 MB