$50 Robot Arduino Programming Library

This is a library created for the Arduino software designed for the $50 robot microcontroller board. It is provided along with the Arduino software as an easy alternative to AVR Studio 4. Note that the current version (1.00 as of 4/09/09) only supports the following programmers:

  • Parallel port programmers
  • LadyAda USBtinyISP

If you do not have one of those programmers, this software will not be able to download code to your $50 robot board. The entire software is attached at the bottom of this page.



Unzip the file at the bottom of this page. You may place it wherever you please (preferably not in the folder "Recycle Bin"). Inside the folder, 50DolArduinoVer000, you will find a big nice Arduino icon. Avoid the temptation to double click on the icon. Some set-up has to be done first. Open the "lib" folder. Inside you should see many files. Delete the file "preferences.txt". Don't worry, there is a backup. Now go into the "Preferences" folder. Inside there are folders for the supported programmers. Open the folder of the programmer you wish to choose. Inside there will be a file, "preferences.txt" that is suitable for your programmer. Copy and paste that back into the "lib" folder where you deleted the old "preferences.txt". SETUP DONE!


Now you can unresist the tempation and open up the Arduino software. Go to the file tab, go to sketchbook, go to examples, and go to Library-Robot. In that there are several examples for you to try out.

As of Version 0.00, there are two examples

  • blink_example
  • center_servos

To download, open the example you wish to try. Connect your programmer to your computer and your $50 robot board. Make sure your board has power. Then, press the "Upload to I/O Board" button near the top. You should be done!


The software can be downloaded at the link below:

Version 0.00