AutoParking-Small Vehicle

It's been a time since I last wrote a tutorial so, I hope I best write this new one for

the needs of those who are willing to include some more maths into there creations.


What I'll be showing this time is a robot that can park into some given space. The robot will seek some open space at one direction and if this space is found and it's larger (or better longer) than some of the length of the robot, then the robot will start to settle in this position. This would be very easy for a robot doing differential driving, but doing Ackerman steering things can be a little more complicated. We will talk about methods of steering later and do some analysis.


So why do we need a vehicle that can park itself in a given space?

Well how many of us have cars? How many of us drive everyday some long roads and then also need to find a good spot for our cars. Fortunately or not, most of us. And it still comes that many many of us have cars but we use them for driving to our jobs and parking is some times wasting our times cause of the hard maneuvers and blind corners on the car. But what if our car can park itself? It would be a lot more easy and fulfilling not only driving but also owning that car. While we don't waste our time parking we can quickly go to our work space and let the car park itself alone! Cool eh???


It's true that most of us use the car to go to our works everyday and have non or little will to perfect our driving skills. And it's also true that with most driving schools our skills on driving can not overcome experience gained by ours of driving. So, the more easy they give out license they easiest driving must be. And that's some of the reasons I've been building this autoparking robot.


So now let's move on and see about steering methods -->




I'm completely against automating driving and even against my own project idea. Why? Because I think of driving as a pleasure, and not a chore, as it should be. Using it to blow off steam but also as a form of "power" and of course freedom. Also I'm completely against authorities controlling driving. Driving is an expression of character, not to say a part of society that you can see a man's character even better. I'm also against easily given licenses (like as mine) cause of the very little experience of the driver on open roads. Drivers today learn to drive conservatively cause of the fact that most of them have very little experiences on the roads... BUT also most of them will push the pedal when they must not or when they can't so there are crashes deaths and more on... My moto can't be don't drive fast or don't speed cause I would look most foolish... but having some closed track experiences with my car, I can say that I may have some more experiences on how my car handles on a road. Driving is most of all feeling, feeling of the car, of conditions, on surroundings and of course statistics if I can call them this way... you have it or not... If don't please only use it wisely or prefer public transit. Making the road more unsafe isn't the option especially when there are motorcycles around that deserves most of respect, cause of the driving conditions, on the road.

Finally if you think that I promote speeding, no I don't, I promote having the "feeling" or driving, fast or not... you know... Prohibition is the wrong way, cause I would as well know where cameras and cops are... But also having the "feeling" is something that needs experience time and patience that also people these days have lost... resulting of losing our most loved once...


Peace Brothers...


Have respect for others and don't drive your feelings over your mind.

These ideas are mine and as well may not be come to agree with forum members or the owner of the site, there are here to promote awareness and not unrest so if you strongly think that something should be removed or altered please inform me politely and we can come to an agree point. I know that there are young readers but knowledge should be past with on with wisdom and not prohibition or discouragement. Also my point when posting tutorials as an academic student is to educate and not only pass on information, so if you think of different please don't even bother to call all the above offensive (disclaimer) or don't stop reading the rest of the tutorial.


Thank you, Lefteris

Thessaloniki, Greece

Aristotle University of Thessalonikh