Voice Recognition and Speech using Arduino

Did you ever wanted to be able to tell the robot to do something for you? Did you find that you needed to use a computer for that reason alone? What about have the robot tell you something about what he was doing or just a simple response to your commands? Well, now it is possible to do both functions without the need for a computer.

The Voice Recognition it is done by a special module called VRbot, that you can buy from RobotShop or other places. To use it, all you need is to set a serial link and a few bits of code to get the basic Speaker Independent commands that are already programmed in the chip working. If you need to add more commands, the chip allows you to train up to 32 Speaker Dependent commands, by using the special VRbot GUI software.

The Text to Speech output is done by a software Speech Synthesizer written by our member Webbot some time ago. I have converted it into an Arduino library that people can import it in their project. 


This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of integrating voice commands and speech into your robot, as I have done it in MiniEric robot. It uses the Arduino software, but there are little modifications needed for the code to work on any other robot that uses AVR micros.



1. Implementing Voice Recognition in your robot.

2. Implementing Text to Speech in your robot.