How to Build your Own Automatic Pet Feeder




Parts: Lego Mindstorms, Pipe, 1 90 degree angle corner(pipe), Cups(disposable), wooden dowels,Funnel, ball valve

(Pictures and a lot better tutorial coming during break)


        Depending on what pet you are needing this for, change the size of pipe, dowels, cups, funnel, and valve. For a large dog don't have dixie cups, but also remember to not make it to big. Cut 4 pieces of dowel to the same length, they will support a platform of cardboard, the cups, a motor, and the food. Glue them near the four corners. Glue another piece of cardboard to the bottom of the dowels. Underneath there should be room for the funnel, microcontoller, and some pipe. Attach a motor to the middle of the cardboard.

The Cups: Get your cups, one for every day of feeding, cut out the bottom of them.