Tutorial under construction!!! Its littered with typos and general unfinishedness!


GatorKS is the latest and greatest of my robot creations.  The platform sports three independently steered, and driven wheels for propultion; an audio speaker for fire extinguishing, and an array of sensors for navigation and tracking of fire.  GatorKS is also quite advanced in the control department.  Each movement has been finely tuned using the PID method.

This tutorial will consist of a quite a few mini tutorials about GatorKS the platform, and the hardware and software used.  GatorKS was designed from scratch the only store bought parts were  sensors actuators, and batteries.

Tutorial contents


  • ATmecha microcontroller board
  • Speaker driver


  • Platform


  • Users guide
  • Wii Remote
  • Source code

Control Theory Crash Course

  • What is PID
  • How do I use PID
  • How can I tune my system