Basic Bug


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Basic Bug

 Build a small 4 legged walking "bug" style robot using just 2 Servos


Welcome To my tutorial on how to build a basic bug style robot.

This style of robot is quite popular with BEAM builders, they are generally only used as a proof of concept type build with the parts being scavenged for other bots after a short time.

The reason that I decided to build one is because I want a robot base that would make sensor such as encoding wheels unusable and force myself to find some other way of accurate mapping. Why? because if you use encoders, it only takes somebody to nudge the robot or for a wheel to slip for the mapping to become unstable.

I could have just built or used my existing differential drive project, but i thought this style would be much more fun - and im planning on giving them to my nephews as birthday presents next year.


The first part of this tutorial will be a guide to building the base, making the electronics and then programming a basic software library which can be re - used by different programs.


There will then be a series of upgrades starting with the usual photophile/ photovore upgrade, bump sensor upgrades, radio control, and finally developing a mapping system.